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Give way to things that take care of your skin, lovingly. Feel the contentment and self-love with our essentials crafted to pamper you and uplift your senses. Ihr essentials portray a skincare regime that’s pure, nourishing and restorative for the human skin to experience a charm in every potion.


Engulf yourself with the kind of skincare regime that’s blended with salubrious intentions to be a therapeutic tonic for you. Welcome nature’s concoctions into your life to connect to your holistic self in a more purified, satisfying and soothing way. Our blends bring life & a breath of freshness for the skin, to elevate each pore with the goodness of nature and fulfill your God-connected senses with wellbeing and love.


Uplift your skin with our promise to take you on a therapeutic and enriching journey for a nourished, radiant and spellbound skin, everyday. Ihr essentials are your plant-powered dose of restorative, restructuring and nutritive skincare.


Rhythm, a mother, an artist, and a storyteller is a passionate soul whose relentless love for self-care and environmental consciousness led to the idea of Ihr essentials. She holds a Professional Diploma in Organic Skincare Foundation which has acted as a prominent catalyst in her science-backed formulations that are sustainable, conscious and clean. Ihr essentials takes equal care for men and women skincare requirements and creates products that are skin-favouring for all skin types.

Transparency, uncompromising quality and ethics is the key“, believes Rhythm, which is compassionately witnessed in the concoctions she creates at Ihr essentials.



We aim at making skincare regime an indulging and lovable affair with our skin-favouring sustainable essentials.



Ihr essentials is an amalgamation of plant-based, science backed and technologically forward skincare products to make every skincare routine the most relaxing, nourishing and rejuvenating experience. Our products are crafted with love, care and awareness for human skin as well as the environment. Each blend is infused with the goodness derived from nature, and formulated into skin-caring products that’ll stay by your side forever. We make sure we put in our expertise to bring you a range of the finest, purest and rejuvenating essentials to give you more reasons to indulge in self-love, everyday.



We’re a sustainable & ethically aware homegrown brand that’s committed to the wellbeing of the earth and its people. Here are our 5-Core virtues we stand by.


Our goal is to provide premium products to our customers. We employ the best possible processing procedures at ihr Essentials to ensure that the active substances reach their maximum potential, ethically.

Honesty & Transparency

We aspire to bring a back-to-the-roots sustainable lifestyle as the way forward to practice self-care with our luxuriously packed plant-based essentials. We’re 100% transparent about our process, ingredients and the ideologies that form our concoctions.

Minimal Waste

All the natural elements are recyclable and we believe in zero-waste standards to bring our customers products that are crafted with care for nature.

Innovation in Harmony with the Nature

We sincerely believe in procuring and preparing our essentials in sync with the environment, without causing it any harm or disturbance. Our team is constantly dedicated to explore & research newer plant-derived concoctions for a healthier, sustainable and effective skincare regime.

Integrity & Respect

We strive to build a powerful and enduring relationship with our stakeholders, including customers, workers, partners, and suppliers.

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